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The Department Of Management Studies came into inception in 2008 in the institute. The department offers a two year full time program affiliated by VTU. The institute offers dual specialization program in Finance. Marketing and Human Resource Management. The department offers hybrid MBA program which allows a student to do internship for two semesters. Keeping in mind the challenges of Corporate sector students are equipped and Certified with technical skills like Advance Excel, Six sigma and Business analytics.

The Department has spacious classrooms all equipped with LED projectors and Audio system. All the faculty member in the department have a rich experience in academic along with Industry and research.

The department offers education which provides knowledge and training pertaining to planning, execution, supervision and analysis of a business enterprise. It offers proactively developing an enquiring and analytical mind seeking bright knowledge, giving opportunity, skills and forecasting the right attitude to develop capabilities needed to manage enterprises.


About MBA

Vision:To transform the students into leaders while emphasizing on the academic fineness, competencies and skills; to nurture them to become independent and socially sensitive managers.


  • To enhance the professional competencies and soft skills of the students.
  • To develop committed and competent industry professionals.
  • To mount Entrepreneurship spirit among the students


    Every Management college works towards its students. They work with the vision of making the students good leaders and good entrepreneurs. Department of MBA wishes to take the dreams of Shri A.Krishnappaji to the new heights. Department of MBA dreams to make its students a good human being and sensitive managers who will fulfill their dreams and at the same time understand the sensitive part of mankind.

    With this Vision in mind, MBA department has planned to take the students to the following places to understand the mankind and humanitarian values. This will in turn develop values in the students that is the need of an hour.

    Dr. Sonu Nagori

    Professor, HOD
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    Mrs. Navyashree H N

    Assistant Professor
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    Mrs. S Sandhya

    Assistant Professor
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    Mrs. Shruthi A

    Assistant Professor
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    Kasturi B S

    Assistant Professor
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    Sr No Name Achievement
    Sr No Activity Year Activity Name Activity Type
    1 2019 Stock Market Industrial visit
    2 2019 HR Analytics Workshop
    3 2019 writing, solving case study for situational, real life organizational problems Seminar
    4 2019 Probability for Managers Guest lecture
    5 2019 The scope and opportunities in the financial sector Seminar
    6 2021 Business plan Webinar
    7 2021 Cost analysis and production analysis Guest lecture
    8 2021 Probablity distribution and its Techniques Guest lecture
    Sr No Faculty_name Title Status Name_of_journal
    1 Dr. Sonu Nagori Advancement in Educational Sector with the Rise of Digitilization and Its Contribution to the Growth of the Nation Published International Journal of Research Culture Society ,Issue February 2020
    2 Dr. Sonu Nagori Rural Entrepreneurship: A study On Governmental Schemes With Reference To Women Published International Journal of Research Culture Society Issue February 2020
    3 Dr. Sonu Nagori Strong Leaders Crucial To Manage: The Changing Place And Space Of Work Published International Conference on Resurgence Of Business Growth
    4 Dr. Sonu Nagori Emerging From Lockdown: The Changing Behaviour Of Consumer Shopping Published International Conference on Business, IT and Enterprise Architecture (ICBIT 2020), Management Development Institute Murshidabad
    5 Nayashree H International Conference on Business, IT and Enterprise Architecture (ICBIT 2020), Management Development Institute Murshidabad Published International journal of research culture society , special issue 17 February 2020
    6 Sandya S Advancement in educational sector with the rise of Digitalization and its contribution to the growth of the nation Published International journal of research culture society , special issue 17 February 2020
    7 Sandya S Performance analysis of automated QFT robust controller for long-term grid tied PV simulations Published International Conference on Smart Technologies in Computing, Electrical and Electronics (ICSTCEE)