About Founder

We believe that education is the bedrock of all transformation and progress. In pursuance of our belief, we forayed into the field of education in the year 1972. The first trust is Sri Venugopalswamy Educational Trust. In the year 2000, South East Asian Education Trust was formed with many aspects.

About The Founder

During this time the school has created a niche for itself. The school endeavors to provide a holistic education for the overall development of the child: striving for Excellence is the leitmotif, be it academic, sports, debates, declamations, music, dance, art, craft, theatre or literary pursuits. In addition to this, we were into courses like Arts Science (in 2002) Nursing (in 2003) and Engineering & Technology (in 2007) offering world-class infrastructure the Management is keen to uphold the traditional Indian values. The thrust here is to blend thoroughly the modern and the traditional. An effort is afoot in the institution not only to raise the self-esteem of the student but to train him to respect others also. The teaching-learning technique in the institution is mainly based on Do, Feel, Learn, Reflect and Be. Children here mainly learn through exploration, experimentation, critically examine things and suggesting alternatives.

Field trips, educational tours, visits to historical and cultural places enhance their learning. The aim is to give them maximum exposure so that their aspirations are raised. By employing various strategies like involving them in real-life situations we are trying to instill in our children an indefatigable will-power so that they are able to face undauntedly the challenges of life. We have tried to create an environment which is conducive for learning: it aims at high achievement by challenging the pupils. The institution is conscious that mere intellectual growth is not enough: the refinement of the soul, “Atma Samskriti” is needed. Therefore, there is plenty of emphasis on those finer and delicate values which constitute the grace of life. The total institution is programmed in order to empower the child: it helps him to realize his optimum potential. It is hoped that our students would have imbibed enduring values from the institution which will prove to be a dependable anchor throughout their lives. They will have equipped themselves with an impeccable character and ideals to deal with the roller coaster that life is. Throughout their lives, they will continue to draw inspiration from the institution motto. Arise! Awake! And Stop Not Till The Goal Is Reached