The College has presently two Boys and one Girls Hostel. These hostels accommodate around 530 boys and 400 girls boarders. Day to day affairs of hostels are managed by respective Wardens. There is also a Hostel Committee to help in taking policy decisions. Yoga and Meditation classes are held for both boys and girls in the early morning on alternate days.

Accommodation is provided on a sharing basis. Rooms with basic furniture like cot, table and chair are provided. Bed-rolls, linen etc. have to be brought by the students themselves. Strict discipline is maintained in the hostels. Late night entry, leaving hostel without permission are not allowed. Smoking and drinking in hostel premises is totally prohibited. Entry of unauthorised persons is prohibited.

Hostel mess serves vegetarian food, the menu prepared by the boarders of the hostel itself. Various sports and Cultural Activities, along with regular academic work, is carried out for the benefit of the boarders.

There is a well equipped guest room for parents and guests in the hostel premises. Along with Libray facilities, separate Browsing center is also provided for the boarders to surf the net and avail the internet facility till midnight

Hostel photos